Rubbing elbows at the Four Seasons

Finally Friday of my extremely busy week.

Started with a ww bagel thin toasted, naturally nutty cinnamon honey pb, and sugar free raspberry reserves. “Ooooooh it’s a jar of preserves” -family guy.

I had to give a speech for a work vendor and I was preparing all morning and ate this banana while looking over my notes. No pic… I also drank some of my final eggnoggin’ tea :(.

Lunch was at the Four Season’s and awesomely plated. Started with salad with lots of strange tree-like greens and half a grainy roll.

Main course was juicy chicken I took the skin off of and ate 2/3 of with a side of fried eggplant and grilled tomato.

Dessert was awesome as well. This was like a chocolate lava cake. When you prodded the cake exterior is was oozing in the middle with chocolate good ness. I ate the middle out of said cake and left the cake. Everything else was consumed also… I love whipped cream, ice cream, and white chocolate raspberry sticks!

Fitness: I wanted to go to rowing but I was held up at work. I went home and did my “at home body weight and interval” workout. Took me about 50 mins to go through twice. I will post the workout soon!

Dinner on the roooooad.

-purdue baked chicken from the fridge
Toasted everything bagel thin
-one side honey mustard
-one side plain Greek yogurt

Side of buttery pretzels snaps.

Amazing Saxby’s latte. I love Saxby’s because they have a huge variety of sugar free syrup. I recreated my seasonal splurge star bucks drink here! Non-fat, sugar-free peppermint, white chocolate latte. It was everything I hoped it would be. Star bucks really needs to get on the sugar free bandwagon. They only have 3 flavors now!

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