A smear.. What’s less then a smear?

Googled best bagels in queens and Hot Bialys came up, which happened to be around the corner from Dan’s house. I was glad they had flat pumpernickel and onion bagels! It was huge. I ate half. With a SB skinny caramel latte on the side.

  • pumpernickel and onion flat bagel toasted
  • a smear low fat cream cheese
  • lox
  • tomato

I will be back. Delicious bagel good size, maybe a touch less cream cheese. I said smear meaning only a little. Maybe just put on myself next time?

I was oddly not hu nry for anything all afternoon and knew it was bad getting on a 545 bus without eating. And being stuck wanting real food and starving for 2 ish hours. Must haves on all bus trips: water and snacks. Luckily I had both. I ate the rest of the pretzels from Friday, (about 5) not many left. I also sopped up some of the salt from the bottom of the bag. I love salt.

For bus dinner I had a pumpkin pie cliff bar. So hard to find! Dan found these at the natural food store by his house and got me a bunch… He remembers (Jurassic park spin off quote, anyone?). I haven’t had this one in about 2 years and it was delicious but I think I may actually prefer the carrot cake. Who knew?! I had built the pumpkin up in my mind I guess.

Now on the bus, listening to pandora Xmas station, sipping water (just ran out…yikes) and surfing the interweb.

on a side note I didn’t need one but I really wanted… A new dress for the upcoming holiday party and wedding I have and I really wanted a dark red/maroon/burgundy/plum, you pick the color name one.

I bought this on zappos knowing they have free return shipping. Buyingnfitted dresses online makes me nervous. So plan A is this dress, of it doesn’t work out I’m stuck shopping in my own boring closet.

Does that happen to everyone? You have stiff you could wear but want something new to be excited about?

Almost home. Thank god Lauren in picking me up. I owe her about a million rides.

Hark the herald angels sing by bing is on the pandora. :)

2 Responses to A smear.. What’s less then a smear?

  1. samantha o'brien says:

    I think the answer you’re looking for is a “smidge”.

  2. chrissy says:

    if that dress isn’t a keeper, there’s always my closet..

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