You’re free, lunch! You’re freeeee!

Fitness: woke up at 5:10 this morning and went to cycling class. The class was not the best workout but there were some challenging parts and I felt good from it.

When I got to work I was really craving eggs but decided to stick to the oats I brought from home. Maybe I’ll get some eggs tomorrow.

Another batch of holiday oats. Tried to make these blue but they looked green.

-1/4 c steel cut
-1/4 c multi grain
-1/2 banana
-sweet n low packet
-blue cake sugar crystal things
-1/2 tbsp of naturally nutty honey cinnamon peanut butter
-handful frozen pom

Snacked on this banana:

For lunch the office was having free pizza (post title a play on a dominoes commercial). Who isn’t excited by free food. I had a skier of veggie and a slice of mushroom-topped with goya hot sauce. I ate it with a knife and fork to eat slower. I wish there was salad.

I had a few mints I had thrown in my bag to get the pizza taste out of my mouth.

Then when work was done I made my way to the bus. Since I’ve never written about it, a couple things about my trips to NY. I go to NY to visit my friend, Dan sometimes referred to as Daniel (it’s the spanish, pronounced Danielle).

1. I have to race out of work to make the 5:30 train near my house. I like to walk to it (takes about 10 mins) but most times I have to drive right there. Annoying be ause when I return on Sunday I either have to get my car and fight for parking. Which is terrible near my house. Or I completely forget about it until I go to work Monday morning and make Lauren drive me there haha.
2. I catch the 6:30pm bolt or megabus depending on what’s cheaper when I buy my bundle (I buy as many tux as far in advance as I can because that’s the best way to get them for cheap). The bus has wifi and plugs and is a great deal. It can be as little as $6 round trip (my pr haha) or as much as $26 (still a good deal).
3. Depending on traffic and the bus being on time (it’s often late- especially mega), I get into NY around 8:30
4. Dan usually meets me at a bar near the stop and I drink a shock top draft (one of my absolute favorite beers) and go on from there.

And I was kidding Dan is my boyfriend. Anyone who knows me probably thought “typical” when I didn’t say it. Gotcha.

Anyway, today I got to walk to the train. Yay. En route I realized I had no cash. Sucks. Lucky for me Manayunk has a bar on vey corner so I was able to get cash. Yay. And run to the train to make it. Sucks. Got Dunkin donuts latte light (120 skim milk cals). Yay.

Was unprepared for the bitter cold and froze waiting outside for the bus. Sucks. Now I’m en route and blogging. Yay. The person next to me is going to think I’m weird when I take pics of the dinner I packed… I’m so cool.

-everything bagel thin I toasted this morn(not so tasty now, but better then not toasted at all)
-sabra Greek olive hummus

Side of Herr’s whole grain pretzels. I love these. They have flax seed, omega 3s, more fiber and protein the normal pretzel sticks, and taste like delicious rye.

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