good ole rocky top?

November 26, 2010

Woke up this morning to my mom and brother getting ready for long run part deux. preworkout snack was a south beach diet cinnamon raisin protein fit granola bar. i love these bars lots of protein and tastes like a cinnamon roll– you know but in the form of dry granola but it does have an icing strip on it.

we ran 6.5 miles at a little over 9 min pace. my legs were hurting by the end. and are pretttttty preeeeeetty sore now. I love running here though. Very flat really nice run weather lots of new houses and mountains to gaze out.

For breakfast I had a cup of coffee with peppermint mocha flavor and some milk and some of this delicious egg casserole Same made.

i believe it has

  • egg
  • hashbrowns
  • peppers
  • ham
  • cheese
  • For lunch I had a bunch of fun samples at Sams club. I think they were hAving a frozen pizza party because there were at least 3 kinds. Love samples!

    Chips and salsa
    Deli roll thing
    Chicken noog

    Now I’m watching Nova play Tennessee. Go cats..


Thanksgiving 2010

November 26, 2010

Going to make this post minimal words and lots of pics.

Basically yesterday I sat on the couch watching man v food marathon and football. and ate.

For lunch I had a roast beast sandwich with brown mustard lettuce and tomato on whole whhhhheat bread.

And now the good stuff.

our table and place settings:

Chef Sam cooked an awesome thanksgiving with all the staples!

  • turkey
  • green bean casserole
  • mashed potatoes
  • brown and serve roooooolls
  • turkey and stuffing carved up
  • cranberry sauce
  • sweet potato casserole

My plate:

my favorite dish is the greenbean casserole. mmmmm crispy onions

My extremely large glass pf wine that held approximate one half the bottle:

Some cute attendees:

Dessert: triple cherry pie, whipped cream, blue bell ice cream. Sam wanted a special shout out for blue bell ice cream she says its the best. it was very tastey with the cobler like pie. i loved the crisssssp on top!

Turkey trot x2

November 25, 2010

Even though I got in super late last night (130 am eastern time?- ish) I woke up at an ungodly hour.  It was about 6 am phoenix time.  Thank god i figured out my brothers wifi password (first try! and “she knows the code”).  At 730 my brother, Bernie, and mom woke up.  I had this nature’s path granola bar as a preworkout snack.. pumpkin spice i have only come across once but it is chewy and delicious and has pepitas in it so slightly salty. soo good.

i also had this cup of ff milk.

we then headed over to his neighborhoods annual turkey trot. A 3 mile walk/run around the hood.  Bernie ended up “winning” the trot, then my mom, then i came tagging along behind.  I havent worked out since last friday and the pace was faster than i usually would run. We ran it in about 25 mins.  When we were done Bernie thought we hadn’t done enough so we agreed to do it again if we slowed down the pace. The next 3 miles were done at a leisurely 9:30 pace.  I really enjoyed the flat AZ land with the mountains in the background.  It was pretty chilly this morning but once the run started it was perfect running weather.

heinous just woke up pre run photo:

With 6 miles under our belt we came home and i made a quick breakfast

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 egg
  • lots of salt and pepper
  • whole wheat toast (end piece.. i love the end piece anyone else?)
  • apricot jam

Now I am hanging out watching football and my nephew run around the house while my mom and Sam cook. probably going to need a nap later. happy thanksgiving!

Airport Dinner Fail

November 24, 2010

Woke up this morning out of a deep sleep very confused because it was 7am and my alarm was set for 630am. I still managed to shower, finish packing, and get to work on time! I went to bed at 930pm so I guess i just really needed to rest to get rid of the rest of this illness. I feel pretty good today. I think one more night of sleep and I’ll be 100% and ready to run the 5k tomorrow before feasting on turkey.

For breakfast I stole another of roommate Lauren’s fiber one blueberry muffins. This time I got a pic before digging in. Still delicious warmed up. Braeburn apple on the side. This one was much better than the one last week! Exactly how I like them tart and not gritty.

I’m feeling very christmasy already so this eggnog’n tea hit the spot when I started to get hungry at 1030. Caffeine is a trick I use to curb my hunger at work. Most of the time I am just sitting in my cube thinking about my next meal so keeping my taste buds busy with the appetite suppressing caffeine helps.

At 1130 I had blown right through snack time so I had a few pistachios to tide me over before lunch at noon.

For lunch I was feeling Mexican and so I had the chicken enchilada suiza lean cuisine.

Goya on top. This is always a favorite. Mix the sauce from the enchilada on to the rice and enjoy. Side note: I sometimes like to use 2 hot sauces on this. One super spicy to mix in the enchilada sauce and goya to moisten the rice. I forewent today since my stomach is probably still healing.

Left work at 230 to get to the airport via cab. I tried a new company this time after 2 bad experiences with the local co and they were late too! Annoying. Luckily I had left plenty of time. When I got to the airport it was only about 430 but I was ready for dinner. I checked online and there was supposed to be a burger king that I figured I could get a chicken sandwich at but it was user construction :(. This threw me for a loop! For some reason I got really nervous about stats (this is what not working out does to me. Even more psycho). I perused all my options and didn’t like any of them. I realized I had some time and took a walk to another terminal. A lady had bourbon chicken samples (typical). I took one and their ploy lured me in! But…They had calorie counts on the menu! I saw a cold noodle dish for few calories and the chicken dishes weren’t bad either. When I went up the lady was very pushy. There were no cold noodles and in my already freaking out mode I managed to order steamed rice, spicy chicken and was forced into a 3rd side of veggies but they were swimming in something…. Butter? They weren’t on the cal count list! I immediately threw out half the rice so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it.

The meal…. was bad. The scoop of spicy chicken and veggies she gave me had about 2 slivers (tiny, thin slivers) of chicken and the rest was just buttery veggies. Lame. Learning my lesson about airport food. Not reliable. Packing my own.

I had a box of raisin snacky snack on the flight.

When I got to Houston (running to the gate because my time between flight was 30mins), my next flight was delayed. Of course after I sprinted through the airport like a crazy person (fitness for the day?) now I had some extra time. I wanted froyo but they only had columbo yogurt which I am not a huge fan of. I got this tall light vanilla frappuccino instead- milk serving for the day!

Now I’m in Phoenix! Colder then I expected.

Ps here is a great giveaway opp! I have been wanting to try coconut butter since I’ve seen in it the blog world. I found it at a small market near Dan’s house in NY but when I was looking at the stats the calorie count seemed pretty high and unnecessary so I didn’t buy it. Now I am having some remorse. I would love to try it! I love coconut! Hopefully I win! You can enter here if you want to be my competition!


November 23, 2010

Woke up this morning feeling much much better. Even though I had been sleeping all day I managed to fall asleep at 9:30pm. Ambien may have helped. Before I went to bed I got hungry but was afraid of feeling sick like I did after lunch so I heated up a fiber one blueberry muffin Lauren had made. Similar to this one tht I had for breakfast this morning. Ummm… thanks, Lauren!

I spritzed the muffin with a few I can’t believe it’s not butter sprays. Very easy on the stomach and delicious. They are even better heated up.

I was hungry again about an hour later (those muffins are only about 150 cals) and opened up a tropical fruit cup I had bought a while ago to use when I didn’t have fresh fruit . A problem I have at the beginning of most weeks.  These were on sale and had fruit I don’t usually eat bc they are hard to prepare- this one had pineapple and papaya. It was easy on the stomach but I won’t be buying these again U def prefer frozen fruit if i cant have fresh in a pinch.

For morning snack I dug into my work snack stash and found this Gerber pears and cinnamon with oatmeal. Yes, I sometimes buy baby food. I mixed in a sweet n low.

Tid bits on baby food:

  1. its low calorie and very healthy because they dont add any sugar. It’s usually just the fruit.
  2. Thus is usually needs some sweetening .

I’ve really only tried the fruit ones and the yogurt blends ones (i have in my desk so ill be eating them sometime soon). The other ones scare me a bit especially when it’s a mush of a bunch of things. Maybe I’ll try more of my nephews food this weekend haha.

For lunch I reached into my cupboard desk drawer again and found a non abbrassive looking can of chicken rotini and vegetable soup. The soup was very low cal, like 160 in the whole can, so I had some of coworker Brian’s multigrain saltines crumbled in it. The soup was perfect for my healing stomach and enhanced by the salty saltiness crackers. On the road to recovery!

I was hungry again about 2:30 and had some of my pepita mix (roasted pepitas and cinnamon vanilla coated peanuts bought at genuardis).

At 3:15 I was hungry again. Normally I would not let myself eat all these snacks but since i was sick I figured they were needed and since I was craving healthy stuff might as well let myself eat. So I had this banana.  i also went for tea to see if that would help..Ginger is soothing to the stomach, right?

4:30pm my smooshed (snookie-style) vita (from being carried to and fro ny all weekend) was helping me make tea and hiding in the work kitchen coffee basket. I couldn’t eat all of it becaue it was so crumbly and smooshed but at this poitn i really didnt need the whole thing I had snacked so much.

Fitness… or lack there of: I have had a headache all day. Unpleasant. still. I’ve tired advil and tylenol and drinking a ton of water in case it was dehydration. still there. The headache had me scaling my planned workout down. I had already gotten a sub for cycling class since I knew I wouldn’t want to be out until 8 at thegym the day after being bed-ridden.  I had planned to run 3-4 miles but the headache changed it to a leisurely bike ride on my at home spin bike. When I got home I didn’t feel like doing anything (who am i?).  I never let myself not work out but figured I’d better since I am traveling tomorrow and want to run the Turkey Trot with my mom and brother, Bernie, on Thanksgiving.  So no working out Mon, Tues, Wed this week. I might freak out if I can’t do anything by thursday. Not working out makes me very unhappy. Anyway trying to listen to my body and not work out if i’m not feeling well. here it goes.

I got home from work and watched some tv with Lauren and made dinner.  I found a meatball and mozzarella lean pocket and topped it with the remainder FF sour cream.

On the side I had Butter snaps pretzels, a tbsp Sabra Greek Olive Hummus, and the rest of my milk (1 c). I cant believe it didn’t “turn” yet.

I don’t think I have mentioned that i am a hummus conosiour. I love it. I can’t get enough. sometimes i don’t let myself keep it in the house because I will dip into all the time. My number one favorite brand of hummus is sabra.  Its creamy and fresh tasting and has a ton of great flavors. hand down winner of store bought hummus.  The greek olive was one my my very first favs of the sabra line. Its not my favorite anymore but i still buy it because i loe olives and it is one that flavor isnt just in a pool in the middle of the carton the olives are throughout the hummus.  Sabra seems to have changed the middle part of this hummus isnce I had it the last time.. olives are more pulverized. Different and more oily. not sure how i feel about it. I like the old way but its still good. this is now a rant. sorry!

I spent the remainder of the evening doing laundry and packing for Phoenix.  Leaving early from work tomorrow and flying to AZ to spend Thanksgiving with older brother, Bernie, sister-in law, Sam, and nephew, Baby Bernie, and fat cat, mis Lippy at their house in Surprise. My Mom, Dad, and little sister, Chrissy, are already there. Can’t wait for the warmth, lounging around on the couch watching Christmas movies, and slopping up turkey with the fam.

baby bernie.. this is old can’t wait to see him walking around!

stomach flu sun-mon waaa

November 22, 2010

So I actually cheated and back dated my last post because I was too sick saturday and sunday to post.  I was also to sick to take pictures and didn’t really eat much.

i spent all day sunday laying in the fetal position in bed.  It was awful I haven’t been this sick in like 3 years. Dan was so nice putting up with my whining and taking care of me! Not be lame but he was awesome :)

Anyway, Sunday I consumed:

  • as much water as i could stomach
  • a cup of peidalyte… which wasn’t that bad but not that good either. i would get gatorade next time
  • lots of pepto
  • bags of swedish fish and sour patch kids.. split with Dan– don’t ask it is all i could stomach for some reason
  • a few mints
  • a few sips of a starbucks coffee-less sugarfree vanilla frappuccino. very non offensive to the stomach but couldn’t finish it or even get half way through.

I woke up this morning (monday) and was planning on going to work but still felt pretty bad and knew if i went i would never heal so I’ve been pretty much sleeping all day. I started to get hungry and again all i wanted was swedish fish but unfortunately i was out.  i had won some chocolate at the bbay shower saturday and it seemed non offensive and i could reach it from my bed:

I then ordered a Caprese Panini from The couch Tomato. Not pictured because i forgot my camera upstairs and was too weak to go get it and come back down

It had

  • toasty bread… with a little too much butter on it
  • buffalo mozzerella
  • basil (but was more like pesto)
  • tomato
  • i ordered it without the balsamic spread that was supposed to be on it

The panini was ok.. my stomach is still deciding if it was offensive its not feeling too well. I wish it had been less greasy and i wanted fresh basil not a pesto.

I heated up some tomato soup on the side but only ended up eating half of half a serving and half the panini and a glass of milk. now im back in bed.  drinking lots of water.

if anyone wants to bring me more swedish fish. feel free.

the descent

November 20, 2010

Saturday started well.. woke up and made some delicious oatmeal in the microwave for 3 mins):

  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • half banana
  • 1 tbsp crofters super fruit spread
  • pumpkin pie spice

I microwaved the oats, brown sugar, banana and mixed all together. first time i added the banana while heating and it was AWESOME there were some chucnk of it and and some smooth creaminess from it. i love it.

mixed up:

on the ride to the baby shower i had a handful of jelly beans.. i found in dan’s car cup holder. haha

Baby shower for Dan’s sister-in-law, Deirdre. Excuse the pics I didnt want to stalk food here so I tried to be stealthy with my iphone camera…

The meal started with lost of potato and pretzel chips (unpictured) and a beer and bloody mary

There was a buffet. I took tastes of with shepherds pie, penne alla vodka, and chicken. and a roll that i ate 3/4 of.

dessert brownie bite…

and a sesame coated cookie..

i also had a bite of the icing from the cake .. i was stuffed at this point but i love icing and they served me cake so i could not eat it. haha

Dan and i hung out at different family members houses for the rest of the day.  We didn’t eat much more.. i had some more chips and dip at his cousins house because i thought we would eat eventually and was waiting for an actual meal. at about 10pm is when it hit. I  was the sober driver and i pried the 4 loco out of dans hand (not really but he had drank one during the day haha) and we left.  This is where my weekend took a turn for the worse.