My friend Sudafed

I don’t know why I have been getting sick so often lately. I am guessing this cold piggy backed my stomach flu. Anyway I woke up this morning feeling really congested, sinus headache, and bleeh. I scavenged my meds and stumbled across sone Sudafed. I have felt much better ever since. Yay Sudafed.

For breakfast I tried out some of my TJ’s buys from last night. Hot multiple grain cereal and steel cut oats.

-1/4 c multigrain
-1/8 c steel cut
-1/2 banana
-sweet n low packet
-frozen pomegranate seeds on top

These were good but I put a little too much nutmeg and I think I like my oats better with brown sugar. I may use the splenda brown sugar blend next time. I did like the crunchiness of these oats but not sure if it was from the steel cut or the multigrain.

For a snack I had tea and the other half of the banana. I’ve been drinking the sh*t out f holiday teas recently. Are there any other good ones out there besides the eggnoggn and gingersnapish I’ve tried?

Lunch is Indian food leftovers. I looked it up and the place is actually called Laxmi’s Indian Grille and the dish I got was the Dal Tadka (without cream) a mixture of lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.

-rest if the lentils. Not many
-other half roti heated in the microwave so it wouldn’t lose it’s doughy quality
-rest of the salad
-topped salad with rest of spicy green sauce they gave me. Don’t know what it was.

Still really good 2 days later. I wonder what the calories are like in this dish. It says no cream but I def taste butter. Doesn’t seem that oily but I’m sure there’s some of that too. Anyone?

For my actual lunch break (ate the above at my desk), everyone was busy so I went down and watched CNN in the gym and walked on the treadmill for like 20 mins. Lame lunch.

For afternoon snack I had another Sudafed, some advil(because I have had a headache for 2 days now), and an apple.

And a holiday granola bar.

On the way out of the office I ate a handful of pistachios cause I was still hungry and I knew I wouldn’t be eating for a while.

Fitness: did my usual pilates then taught cycling (this weekend I will post my daily sched, I swear). I also started week 4 day 4 of the 100 pushup challenge. It was really hard. 21-25-21-21-32(max out). With 60 secs break in between. I did 21-25-21-21-9. So I imagine I will be stuck here for a month or two. Ugggggggh. I will complete this challenge gotta keep telling myself that!

Dinner was imitation crab me fried up in pam and pepper.

I microwaved some green beans in a bowl with little water 3 mins. Then added them.

Then I microwaved a wedge of laughing cow light blue cheese, milk, and brown mustard, stirred it up, and poured it over aforementioned crab and beans. I sprinkled it with salt and Tabasco. And served it with a side of leftover basmati rice from the Indian food Sunday. It had a hint of Ginger and something else in it. It was good but white rice- would much rather have brown

The meal was really good! I love imitation crab (krab?) hot or cold. It is also easy to make a healthy and tasty cheese sauce in the microwave. The blue cheese is a good one and worked well with the brown mustard.

For dessert I had about four of these. Don’t ask. I love mints and have these leftover from when I was sick and only wanted to eat candy because it tasted better coming back up. Gross, i know. Sorry!

Just bought phillies 6 game pack for next season-seems so early- and I am excited. Mike came to visit and give his input on what games to get. Now he is mentioned in the blog. That he’ll probably never even notice. You’re welcome, mike!


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