Blogging on an IPad

I bought my iPad way before I decided to start blogging. And I’ve loved it for surfing the web in bed and taking on the bus to NY. I realized it’s limitations. For instant when I planned my trip to Spain and Morocco, the iPad did bot suffice for typing or making my fabulous itineraries in ms word. I also couldn’t use excel which is a pain because sometimes i like to pretend to follow a budget. Haha. And the no flash thing has been annoying me with all apple products.

When I started the blog is when the iPad inadequacies really started to annoy me. I couldn’t upload my pictures on to it. It was useless.

That’s when I discovered the iPad sd connection kit. The kit changed the iPad for me. The pictures easily imported onto the device from my camera and then I could erase them from there to start a new (with the blog I only like to have unblogged about photos on there).

I started uploading my pics and blogging on the wordpress app.

At first it was a little tricky Because it uses all HTML and you couldn’t see the photos you were inserting in the post. I also couldn’t figure out how to do anything else in HTML. Like make different fonts or bold stuff. That was ok because it seemed easier then lugging my laptop around. Then I started havig problems. These included:

1. When I would insert a picture it would insert 3 times. In a row.
2. Sometimes even though you told it to onset one picture it would insert another.
3. When that would happen you could eventually only insert the one picture. You could not delete anything and it was rendered useless.

After some googling about iPad blogging I stumbled accrued the blogpress app. It was $2.99 (wordpress was free) but it seemed like it might help.

My life was changed again for the second time. This app (which I am writing from now) was much easier to use. I could actually change fonts and when you inserted a picture you could see it. And it was super fast to work with.

Then came the problems. It would not post my stuff!! I would type out everything, place the pics in, and hit publish. It would say publishing and make you wait a a minute or too and then the app would shut off! Levig you with nothing. I emailed blogpress and they quickly responded to uninstall and reinstall. I did. Still wouldn’t post.

Then I downloaded the new iPad software. Bam! It worked. My life was actually changed this time! It was easy to use and posted so I could blog quickly.

I have since downloaded the app for my iphone (free-you only have to pay a one time fee!). And I use that to type up non picture posts or the words of my everyday posts. Then I go home and use my iPad to upload the goods.

Screen pic of iPhone blogpress app:

It works great! It has also really saved me a lot of time wilting on the blog everyday! I write up my meals ad I go on my phone and just fill in later.

I still have some qualms about iPad blogging.
1. The predictive text changes what I type and leaves me with some scary words. Yesterdays post at first said tillage instead of Yoplait. You’ll notice many of these in this post also. Sorry!
2. It has me typing as I would talk since it’s so casual so I don’t look like the most intelligent person on here. Although i think that is the nature of how I blog anyway.
3. Blogpress comment moderation I do not really understand. So I find myself going back to wordpress for that because it’s easier.

Anyway hope this helps anyone trying to blog from an iPad. I still kind of want a netbook too but i soet a lot of money on this ipad so i want to use it! For now, i am just glad I won’t have to lug my huge laptop to NY and MD these upcoming weekends!

Current phone background to get into the holiday spirit:

Why I take the bus to NY

(can’t figure out how to rotate pics on the phone. iPad is easy)

-posted from my iPhone.

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