On the road again.

6am flight back home. Had to leave at 4. slept for as long as I could, all through the first leg to Houston. I woke up and was hungry after running to my next flight (30 in between flights. Uggh). Thank god for my mom that packed me lunch!

I had another leftover dish

-whole wheat bread
-cranberry sauce..that started oozing into the bread but was awesome
-Side of pretzels.

A few hours later I ate these grapes.

By the time I landed and Jae so graciously waited for me, scooped me up, and took me home it was 2pm and I was hungry again. I was craving lentils.

I ordered from laxmi’s kitchen. New Indian place on main st in Manayunk. This was my 2nd experience and it did not disappoint.

Lentils (I forget what these were called but it said they didn’t use cream to cook it.)I asked for these extra spicy and it wasn’t really spicy at all but still delicious. I lured them over the basmati rice they came with.

I also had my first roti experience. I love naan so I never tried roti before because I was afraid to deviate. It was awesome! Roti is whole wheat and baked in the tandoori without butter or oil. It was doughy and amazing. I loved it. May be converted. I ate about half.

I also had half of this side salad.

I had a tiny piece of papadam but decided it wasn’t worth it and tossed it. I am a papadam snob because when I studied in London Bhajis near our dorm had THE best ever. Tasted like a huge munchos. Miss it.

Afterward I was craving something sweet so I had a pecie of lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. I love this bar just lightly salted. Dark and satisfying.

Over the course of the day I also had about 2 cups of silk nog. I was so excited to have found this a few weeks ago. I love eggnog and this is a great alternative. Only so hard to find. Anyway I hit the nog…hard.

Later i decided i was eating again so i could have more dessert I sipped it while munching on this dark chocolate covered Graham cracker at Jae’s. Also very good. Not as god as the lindt.

Then we watched home alone as our first Christmas movie of the season. Classic lines.

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