Konichiwa, b*tches

Sat night diner we went to Hayashi. It s a hibachi/ teppinyaki place in Phoenix.

I knew it wouldn’t be too healthy and decided I have been good so far and to not worry about it. And that was a good call because butter was a theme of the night.

Our Japanese Mexican chef j. Carlos made an onion volcano, spelled things in rice, and performed other amusing tricks.

I started with a chilled flavored saki tasting trio. Plum, coconut, and pear. I liked in that order. The pear was actually pretty foul. The coconut was better but I wouldn’t order it again. I really liked the plum which the waitress actually talked me into getting. This was my first time having chilled saki and I think I prefer it warm. The chilled tasted more like liquor.

For an app I had a few of baby bernie’s edamame. They were warm and salty. Mmm. I also had a delicious onion soup that was mostly broth but with some crispy onions at the bottom.

And a side salad with Ginger dressing. Love Ginger dressing.

Then came the rice and vegetable dish. I could have been healthy an ordered steam rice but no one else did and it seemed less fun. So went with fried which had bits of carrot, garlic, eggs and a heaping scoop of butter. It was good but I tried not to fill up from it. We also got a lot of veggies cooked in garlic and you guessed it. More butter. I really liked these and cleaned my plate.

I ate my dipped in these sauces the left was a delicious gingery sauce and right was a mustard.

For my entree I got scallops. They were awesome! Huge and juicy and charred on the grill. Soooo good.

These too were cooked with lots of garlic….and butter

I was so full i left a full meal on then plate (actually bernie ate it haha)

When we got home I was hungry again tho or not really but at least ready for dessert. 2 diff mint Hershey kisses.

Frozen blueberries with blue bell choc and vanilla ice cream. And some miracle whip (we were out of cherry cobbler pie). I heated the bloobs and this turned out delicious as well.

Good night of Mexicans posing as Japanese and family :)

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