the descent

Saturday started well.. woke up and made some delicious oatmeal in the microwave for 3 mins):

  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • half banana
  • 1 tbsp crofters super fruit spread
  • pumpkin pie spice

I microwaved the oats, brown sugar, banana and mixed all together. first time i added the banana while heating and it was AWESOME there were some chucnk of it and and some smooth creaminess from it. i love it.

mixed up:

on the ride to the baby shower i had a handful of jelly beans.. i found in dan’s car cup holder. haha

Baby shower for Dan’s sister-in-law, Deirdre. Excuse the pics I didnt want to stalk food here so I tried to be stealthy with my iphone camera…

The meal started with lost of potato and pretzel chips (unpictured) and a beer and bloody mary

There was a buffet. I took tastes of with shepherds pie, penne alla vodka, and chicken. and a roll that i ate 3/4 of.

dessert brownie bite…

and a sesame coated cookie..

i also had a bite of the icing from the cake .. i was stuffed at this point but i love icing and they served me cake so i could not eat it. haha

Dan and i hung out at different family members houses for the rest of the day.  We didn’t eat much more.. i had some more chips and dip at his cousins house because i thought we would eat eventually and was waiting for an actual meal. at about 10pm is when it hit. I  was the sober driver and i pried the 4 loco out of dans hand (not really but he had drank one during the day haha) and we left.  This is where my weekend took a turn for the worse.


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