Blue cheese and pickles… who am I?

I was rather hungry when I woke up this morning but did not know what I wanted and was very limited in my options. Much to my “d’light”…….. when I got to work I had Jimmy D’light breakfast sandwich in the freezer that i had forgotten:

The D’light is alright.. definitely not as good as a homemade breakfast sandwich…

-Dislike: the bread is a little chewy and sometimes a bit soggy. I am not a huge fan of american cheese but seems like it would b e dry without it

-Like: great to store in work freezer. The muffin has a nice wheaty flavor and goya kicks it up a notch

*Goya- a staple in my microwave diet to add flavor- my go to hot sauce when you want to use a lot of sauce because it isn’t that spicy.

For a snack I had some kashi good friends cereal… it was a pretty big serving for a little over 100 calories so I liked that i got to gnaw on it for a while
(the picture is actually a full cup serving i had scooped out for myself this morning thinking i would eat it for breakfast.. so i cut it in 2/3 for my snack)

Lunch was an easy Lean Cuisine:

The Tortilla Crusted Fish is one of 2 of the fish lean cuisines i eat (the others i find too fishy or weird tasting).

I mixed in my really spicy (can only use 5 drops) Hot Licks Suicide hot sauce. The fish is a little dry even when bites are taken with rice but it is still delicious. Next time I will bring in Goya as a back up to add some sauce to the fish part.

My afternoon snack was the same as yesterday… I really needed to buy fruit tonight!.. and I did. and my preworkout snack was a deliciously chewy Fiber One bar (that i took a picture of hanging on the fish/toy thingy in my cubicle- yay work).

After my usual Tuesday night routine of taking 45 mins of a pilates class and teaching my spin class I stopped at the grocery store for fruit. I was starting to get ravenous so this was a terrible idea– i wanted to buy everything in the store. I ended up getting fruit and some stuff for a REALLY quick dinner tonight and some 10 for 10 items that seemed like a good idea at the time.

So dinner was frantic because i was hungry at this point but since this my first week blogging I wanted to plate paper towel everything first before i ate it.

The meal started with this blue cheese.

I put a slice on one half of an everything bagel thin. The other side of “the thin” i covered in honey mustard. In the middle were pickle spears and ham. With a side of butter snaps.

The combo was actually really good. toasted everything bagel thins are awesomely everything bagel-y, I have recently come to like pickles (my most hated food until this year) and I never liked blue cheese but this only slightly tasted like it and it worked nicely with the ham and pickle spears.

The finished product:

On an awesome note I finally passed Week 3 Day 3 of the 100 pushup challenge. More to come on this but I had been stuck on this set for like 2 months! I almost gave up and then banged it out today. Has anyone ever tried this challenge and/or completed it?


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